Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ghost Moth 'Spectacular' 2

sallow kitten

An amazing 268 Ghost moths last night including 22 in cop.If any one fancies seeing this spectacular its in the field opposite my house in Northowram just send me an e-mail or turn up about 10 o'clock.The first moth in the trap last night was a Sallow Kitten which was new for the garden(first Gothic,Burnished Brass,Dark Spectacle and Buff Ermine) and Nick C dropped off 12 Puss moth cats to look after while he's in Gladsto,100+ Chimney Sweeper by widop Gate today ....good times.

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Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Andy..I seem to remember that Ghost Moth is an LBAP species in Calderdale so perhaps a preservation order needs issuing for the field in question. There used to be a good spot at CB where you could always watch Ghost Moth males leking. Unfortunately despite it being an LBAP species, calderdale allowed the environment agency to bulldoze a huge track right through it so I dont know if they still occur there.

I still have around 100 Puss Moth cats which are growing well. I shall be putting some of them back out onto sallows this weekend now they are thriving.