Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday morning Northowram

The Snout

Peppered Moth

Lesser yellow Underwing
Far too much work at the moment so it was good to be out this morning,The Lesser yellow Underwing emerged overnight from a cat found in the garden earlier in the year(that makes 10 breeding species now for the garen).The Snout and Peppererd Moth were seen this morning near the local wood ,the full list below from usual walk
Common Carpet 1
Snout 1
Peppererd Moth 1
Meadow Brown 15 +
Painted lady 1
Speckled wood 20+
Garden Grass Veneer 20+
Crambus lathoniellus 10+
Celphya Lacunana 3
Nemophora degeerella 3
Pseudaryrotyrotoza conwagana 8+


brian leecy said...

good numbers of speckled woods,Andy,just shows how they have increased didnt use to be so common not so long ago.

AndyC said...

10 years ago Id never seen 1 locally.