Sunday, 14 June 2009

Last night

another great night in Pellon but the star Moth was a Bufftip in Luddenden, one of my favourite Moths.

I was up half the night trapping Moths in the garden and instead of leaving the common species until the morning, ie to see what is in the trap or hidden in the amongst the vegetation, I kept all the Brimstone in tubs overnight. I had caught 16 by 1.30 and had another 8 in the trap this morning giving a total of 24. A few more than my previous high count of 11.

other goodies were,

The Flame
Small Angle Shades 3
Clouded Bordered Brindle 15
Smoky Wainscot
Beautiful Golden Y 2
Rustic Shoulder Knot 4
Small Clouded Brindle 2
Small Fanfoot

I've now got 11 pugs to try and id

The Flame



brian leecy said...

Hi Martyn,buff tips a cracker,its all exploded into life now asnt it on mothing front,nice shots there.all the best roll on next trip .

Nick Carter said...

It might have for you Bri but we're having a crap time up here compared to everyone else, wonder if our bulb has gone :)